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WM-cards (Paymer check) wmz, wme

Online Payment Methods



Step 1.


Credit Card




Step 2.


Online stores selling vouchers ( paymer checks) webmoney

1 - buy paymer

2 - buy paymer

3 - buy paymer

4 - buy paymer

5 - buy paymer

Webmoney WM (Paymer check) wmz, wme WebMoney Territory
WM Cards Points of Sale

Geo Webmoney




Step 3.


Pay by WebMoney Paymer



All information submitted is confidential


WM-card is a check Paymer, with which you can top up your purse or make a payment in favor of others - for example, buy something in a store or transfer WM friend.

Check Paymer actually represents two groups of numbers, one of which is the number of the check, the second - his code.

Typically, webmoney (WMZ, WMR, WME) buy to pay the seller for some merchandise or a service. A check is anonymous and you do not need to prove their identity.






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